"The Boss of Android Boxes"

The T95Z Plus 3G/32G offers superior features and performance. This box has an Octa Core Processor with Dual Band WiFi which allows users to utilize its ultra fast speeds to stream content flawlessly. 

The T95Z comes with a 7.1.2 operating system which gives you high performance speed and endless streaming capability. The 3G/32G T95Z Plus allows you to watch your favorite movies, download your favorite apps, music, games, surf the web, play games, run apps, & much more. It's equipped with a very powerful processor in the Amlogic S912 Octa core which provides the user high speeds and a smooth response time.   

The front of the box shows the time of day, and how your box is connected to the internet (WiFi or LAN). The user interface allows you to setup the device to your own liking with a few simple steps. By clicking on the plus sign on the home screen, you can arrange which apps you would like to enable access to on your home page for easy access. When you are on the home screen you can click on apps and it will show you a list of all the apps installed on your device. Upon purchasing we will install TBT TV app for you, and you can add more apps as you desire. 

Another great feature the T95Z offers is the remote has a Kodi shortcut making it easy to launch Kodi if you decide to install this app. The remote does have a mouse feature meaning you can enable the mouse to click on the screen. This remote also has an LED button which allows the user to shut off the glow lights at the top of your device or to change the colors. You also can adjust the volume and turn the box on and off using the remote control. The remote takes two AAA batteries (not included). 

This box supports 4k2k Ultra HD decoding and output which will provide high definition streaming capabilities. This device does support 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse and keyboards via 2.4GHz USB dongle, simply plug and play. The device comes with integrated storage capacity of 32GB, while the users can extend the capacity with an SD Card. T95Z Plus TV Box promises smooth multi-tasking function with its 3GB DDR3 RAM. The 5G dual band WiFi is a plus, allows the user to connect to high speed internet at the highest speeds possible. 

The device has the ability to play 4K videos using H.265 encoding and full HD (1080p) files. The box comes with remote control, power supply, HDMI cable, and manual. You will see several ports available across the back three sides of the device.

Starting from the left side is a USB Port, this allows the user to connect external devices such as; a flash drive, keyboard, and a mouse. As mentioned before, this box is equipped with dual band WiFi connection which allows the user to enjoy high speed internet connectivity. With this being said, using WiFi Vs. LAN should not make much of a difference at all. The next Port you will see is your Ethernet Port which is designed for the user to plug in LAN as their preferred internet connection. 

The third is the SPDIF/Optical Port that enables the user to connect their device using surround sound. The next is for your power, while the fifth and sixth ports are dedicated to HDMI and AV cables. There is another USB port with similar functional capabilities, while the Micro SD Card Slot on the right side will help the user to extend the storage capacity. However, using this slot is optional, as the device already comes with 32GB internal storage capacity.

The T95Z comes with Facebook, Netflix, & YouTube just to name a few. All apps notify you with a push notification when they need an update. Simply select update now, and it will install the update for you. You should always stay logged in to your google account in your google play store to keep all apps updated properly.

T95Z Plus’s powerful Mali-T820 GPU makes the gaming performance of the box excellent, as you can enjoy both 2D and 3D games without compromise. Two games titled Jetpack Joyride and Beach Buggy Racing have been tested on the device and it handled both of them well even in the maximum settings.

Overall, The T95Z Plus is an awesome addition and is very user friendly for those who are first time users. This box has plenty of great features your whole family can enjoy while opening a whole new door to your streaming experience.



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