The major differences between Free IPTV & Our Premium IPTV Service

In this article we will discuss the major differences between Free IPTV such as XBMC known as Kodi, and Our Premium IPTV App which is a paid for service (TBT TV App). While Free is always good, there are key factors we need to look at when comparing the two. We will consider Customer support, Reliability of services offered, Picture quality, Security, Convenience, Data consumption, and Channel lineup.

In all honesty, while Our Premium IPTV service offers support for its users you will rarely see this offered with Free IPTV. For example, if there is a problem with a channel you can guarantee the problem will be resolved in a timely manner. Where as with Free IPTV, If a channel is not working you will have to keep searching for one that will work if your able to find one. This can be very time consuming and frustrate its users. With Free IPTV you are using free streaming sites and apps that are not always dependable. 

Using TBT App the streaming is smooth, hardly ever will you experience buffering neither will you have channels blocked. You will get the best value for your money with many different options when it comes to your channel lineup. You will never have to worry about missing that big sports game again. When it comes to Free IPTV, you may experience buffering, freezing, a stream may be offline, or may not air the event you want to watch. 

Ever notice when watching a movie or show the picture quality isn't very good when using a free streaming app or Kodi? When using our Premium IPTV App our content is always crystal clear. We offer content in SD, HD, 1080p, and 4K.  

When you subscribe to our Premium IPTV App you are guaranteed service for the longevity of your subscription. There is never a guarantee with Kodi or free streaming apps as they can go down at any time. Overall, with Our Premium IPTV App you have peace of mind and security knowing that your service is running on dedicated servers at all times. You never have to worry about a channels being blocked or unavailable at any given time. When you subscribe to our IPTV service you can count on reliability and that you will always enjoy the content of the packages you subscribe to. 

A great convenience of using Our Premium IPTV App you won't have any annoying pop up windows/ads, no annoying unavailable messages, and no stressful navigation before watching your favorite shows. For example, anyone who uses or has used Kodi knows that you may save a stream saved to your favorites and tomorrow that same stream may not exist, so you will have the hassle of trying to find it all over again which can be very time consuming. Once you add a channel to your favorites with Our IPTV App your all set. 

When using Free IPTV often times channels your not even interested in watching will download onto your device. When using our IPTV App you can choose when you would like to refresh your channels. Not to mention, when using Free IPTV you waste data and time on channels and streams that will not work or function properly. 

With The Box Trix App you get representation from all over the world all built into your App. Our channel list include content for the U.S., UK, Canada, Sports channels for USA & Canada- UK Sports Networks- UK Football Clubs, NFL Package, NBA Package, NHL Package, MLS Package, MLB Package, March Madness, and NCAA Football just to name a few. We also offer content for Australia/Nz, Afghanistan, Africa, Albania, Premium Arab, Arab, Armenia, Bangla, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Caribbean Islands, China, Czech Republic, France, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungary, India, India Network, India Sports, Indonesia, Irish, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kannada, Korea, Latin, Macedonia, Malayalam, Marathi, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Polish, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sinhala, Spanish, Spanish Region, Switzerland/ Denmark, Sweden, Tamil, Telugu, Thailand, Turkish, and Urdu. 


Premium IPTV will soon take over Cable TV and Satellite Television so why not get rid of those high cable bills now and switch? Imagine how much money you could save in just a year, a normal cable bill runs anywhere from $120 on the low side to $250 a month. For $300 you can have a year subscription with Our Premium IPTV App, watch your favorite shows easier, faster and with the best clarity available. Imagine being able to watch movies on demand for FREE from our movie library, premium channels without paying extra for HBO, Cinemax, etc. Watch your favorite series, record your favorite shows, access to your TV Guide, and Live TV.

Our App also offers an Adults only option with Parental controls. If you wish to use parental controls you can go into settings and setup a password for your account. Once you have set a password for your account, you can only access this section upon entering the correct password. This feature is available at no additional charge. If you do not want the adult package mention this at checkout in the notes section. If you would like to try our app for 72 hours before purchasing our monthly subscription, please click on this link:






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  • Are you thinking about an IPTV service. I highly recommend TheBoxTrix. The staff are very helpful. As I asked questions about their android box they were eager to respond to my questions. The process of ordering the boxes were easy, I was track my two boxes as they were on their way to my home, and the boxes were easy to set up and use. Service has been reliable and picture quality good. What is really awesome is that you get two connections for one price. If you are interested in English language programming from a variety of countries this is the place to be. There is also great Spanish and Portuguese language programming. Very pleased with my choice and I am sure you will be also.

    Ron Philpot
  • How does the recording of shows work? Any limits? saved in cloud or on my computer?

    Can I cast to ROKU TV?

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