Questions & Answers


Why buy from The Box Trix?

  • We provide step by step Instructions on how to setup your device.
  • We have video tutorials on our YouTube channel
  •  Message us here on our website regarding any questions you have by using the contact form at the bottom of this page. We are always here to assist you. 
  • Our App updates for you, simply log in and out daily. You also need to refresh your channels & TV Guide thru your LIVE TV section. By following these steps, this will send all available updates thru to your device. 


Where is The Box Trix located?

We are located in Kenner, Louisiana.

What internet speed do I need?
High speed internet is required for streaming HD, UHD, FHD, & SD Content. No Buffering, No freezing (Stable Internet Required)! You must also account for the distance to your modem and router. If possible, it is best to use Ethernet for a more solid internet connection or a secured Wi-Fi Router (Password Protected). All Android boxes offer either option. The easiest way to get your connection's true speed is to use the free service Speedtest.net. Simply plug your box into your home router via cable, then go to speedtest.net to determine your results. 
Still have more questions or not sure what box to purchase?
Email us using the contact form below
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Why am I getting slow speeds or buffering?
If experiencing slow or buffering streams there are many things to take into consideration:
  • Internet speed – If your connection is too slow, then you will most certainly get buffering. We recommend 40Mbps, and a minimum of 25Mbps to have a smooth experience. You can verify your speed by using Speedtest.net for free. If other people are streaming, downloading, gaming, etc. it will slow down the overall shared household speed.
  • Wi-Fi – Wireless signal being weak or degraded by distance. It is always best to have your device setup closest to your router as possible. You can purchase higher range routers or range extenders to increase the Wi-Fi signal in your household. Ethernet (connecting your box directly into your modem/router) is the best option.
  • Ethernet- generally has a speed advantage over WiFi connections, with maximum speeds ranging from 10Mbits (megabits) to 100Gbits (gigabits) available. Typical WiFi networks are much slower, with the added downside of disruption from other radio signals and obstacles reducing the speed and quality of any wireless network.
  • In the context of WiFi, obstacles are physical—walls and other objects can block or degrade WiFi signals between a device and a network router. By design, this isn’t a problem for wired Ethernet connections, assuming you have the space to lay Ethernet cabling. While it is possible to boost WiFi signals, an Ethernet connection does away with the problem entirely.


How do I connect my box to my TV?

  •  Connect the HDMI Cable that comes with your device to the back of your box and into your TV. (Your TV must have an HDMI Port, to check simply press TV Input). HDMI Ports are usually located on the side of your TV or the back, sometimes both.
  • Plug the power cord into the back of the box and into wall outlet (Surge protector is always preferred). Your box will power on, make sure you put your TV on the proper TV Input in which you plugged the HDMI Cable into. (EX. HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc) 
  •  Select>Settings>Networks- Choose your secured network and put your password in, OR u can use the Ethernet port if you prefer. (For Ethernet you must have proper setup established). For Ethernet, plug your Ethernet cord in, your all set (CONNECTED).
  • Select the back button to exit.

How do I setup my box?

After you've established your internet connection, your good to go. Simply click on the TBT App, next you will need to enter your username and password. This information is sent via email usually less than ONE BUSINESS DAY after you purchase your subscription on our website. 


How do I Set the time on my TV Box?
On the home screen go to Settings>Date & Time- select your time zone


How do I set the time on TBT TV APP?
On your home screen you will see a settings bar on the top right corner. Select Settings> Time Format> choose 12 or 24 hours then select save changes. If your time is still not accurate select> EPG Time Shift and this will allow you to add an hour by selecting +1 for example. 
Does TBT TV APP have Adult XXX?
Yes it is included in your subscription, but if you do not wish to have this included in your package please write so in the notes at checkout. You can also block this by using the parental control feature. Adult XXX is not available when purchasing our 72 Hour Trial Pass.


Does TBT TV APP have parental controls?

Yes, this allows you to put a password on your account and select which sections require a password before viewing.


What is included with the box?

With every Smart TV Box (One per TV) you will receive an HDMI Cable, Power supply, Factory Remote (requires 2 AAA batteries not included), an owner's manual for your device, & dedicated customer support. If your box comes with a Air Mouse, that will be included as well. 


What does clean my memory do?

This will help close down all apps that are running and make your box run much smoother. You can select clean my memory when you see the percentage rising or before and after each use.

What is the plus sign on the bottom of the screen?

This allows you to organize which apps you want on your home screen for easier access. It allows you to pick up to 8 apps for your home screen, all others can be easily accessible by clicking on apps on your home screen.


After I purchase a box will I have tech support?

Yes, anyone who purchases a box from us will have tech support. If you need help trouble shooting or have questions message us below or on Instagram, and one of our friendly representatives will assist you. 


If I purchase the warranty, what does it cover? what is not covered?

The warranty covers any malfunctions you may experience with your box such as; will not power on, power supply burn, overheating, any internal issues resulting in failure of your device. This may however be limited if physical damages and/or abuse are present, in this case this would void your warranty. Each Customer with a warranty is only eligible one claim per device. The warranty will not cover dropping your box or cracking the face, misuse or carelessness of the product, spills or liquid damages, remote failure, Dis-assemble, or any other artificial factors to cause the damage of item are not in the scope of this warranty. Your device must have the original sticker on the bottom of the box when submitting a claim. Any box missing this sticker or if the sticker looks to be tampered with in any way will not be eligible for a claim. 

  *If you have any further questions please submit them below.*